She fucked a young guy in some scenes in start of her career.Later in her career: female scat domination, old women.She is available for shooting porn or just to have sex with you.You must know her (her agency name or her mail) to arrange it She does all man-girl (heterosex) scenes only with her boyfriend or husband Roland. Probably she is faithful to him or he is very jealous.


In November 2008 she starred in the Score video Busty Riding Academy in which she made her boy/girl debut in a scene with Carlo Carrera that included titfucking, but no oral, anal or vaginal penetration.In March 2011 she appeared on Pinup Files as Kay Loove.On several sites she is claimed to have HH cup boobs but a quoted bra size of 34H, so the issue of her bra size is a little confused.With women is another story, she done many different women and also many solo scenes.I never saw her having sex with old, out of shape men.It is normal to have questions about your own sexual orientation.If you are not sure whether or not you are heterosexual (straight), it can help to explore your feelings, talk to someone you trust (like a teacher, counselor, family member, or friend), and educate yourself about different aspects of sexual orientation and identity.I reminded her of our encounter and she laughed and blushed.And with good reason; she has a wife, two surrogate kids, a job as a civil servant, a mortgage and a house in the suburbs.to subvert the white heterosexual world and destroy the nuclear family.Of course that was just silly tabloid scare-mongering.


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