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David archuleta charice dating

“If it’s a love song, I dedicate it to my friends and family but not David Archuleta,” she laughingly clarified.

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He ended up going with a contract from Jive Records (a division of Sony).Every time you sing, you should feel the song even if you’re not in love.You just have to undestand the words.” “What I do is every time I sing a love song, I’m adapting myself to the song.The international singing sensation was also linked to Filipino singer Sam Concepcion, but the latter denied it.According to Charice, getting into a relationship is not her priority right now.During her guesting on “Billboard’s Live Q&A,” the issue came up after a fan, who noted how Charice sings with so much emotion, asked if she is thinking of Archuleta whenever she performs a love song.The Filipino songstress replied: “What a question, what a question.MANILA, Philippines – Supporters of Philippine pride Charice took to the microblogging site Twitter to react to her reported secret romance with “American Idol” finalist David Archuleta. they both deserve each other if thats true.” Itosigerard also tweeted: “oww its ok david and charice are good performer, lets wait for the next move of david to charice” User Joshua_degillo wrote: “David Archuleta fans think that David is way too good for Charice BUT I'TS THE OTHER WAY AROUND.” Twitter user hybridcha, however, was not happy. ;)” While some are taking sides, a number of Charice’s fans said that as long as their idol is happy, they will support it.Some think it is an “amazing” news, while others are not that enthusiastic. thats amazing if charice and david archuleta is dating...” Another user, katrinajoyceeee, tweeted: “wow! The issue came up during Charice’s guesting on "Billboard's Live Q&A" when a fan noted how Charice sings with so much emotion, and asked the singer if she is thinking of Archuleta whenever she performs a love song.We promised more with the Filipina pop star after the last episode of our exclusive web series, “30 Days With Charice”, aired, and we’re keeping our word—in a major way…He has his Twitter account verified and he has already tweeted in Twitter more than 5 thousand times.He is not married right now and does not have a wife either.


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