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The surprise, though, is the slight James Dean swagger.

He arrives for our interview aboard a gleaming red Ducati. ‘Your everyday bike is supposed to be practical, but it’s not at all.’ He is such a lover of boys’ toys — motorbikes, cars, engines — that he’s pimped up the exhaust, handlebars and mirrors, and he smokes Golden Virginia tobacco. His specialism seems to be kind, dependable, give-up-his-seat-to-pregnant-women types, although he’s gagging to be the bad boy.

You always stood on your toes to kiss him or he would playfully bend down.

“Y/N is definitely my age,” Thomas confirmed, “We met when we were 10. The interviewer apologized profusely for his accusations, but Thomas just nodded, smiling.

Sangster next appeared in a television adaptation of the novel Feather Boy and played a younger version of James Franco's role in the film version of Tristan and Isolde.

and guest-starred in the Big Finish Doctor Who audio dramas The Mind's Eye and The Bride of Peladon.

” You smiled to the camera, opening up the video with your regular introduction.

“Today, I am joined by my lovely, wonderful, all of the above, boyfriend, Thomas,” you gestured over to him as he smiled and waved to the camera. “Okay, so, a lot of people were requesting that we do a Boyfriend/Girlfriend Tag, and while that sounds fun as it is, we wanted to make it super fun for you guys! “So, I’ve picked out a ton of makeup from the cheap store, and Thomas is going to put it on me, clearly not knowing what any of it is.” You explained, laughing in the process."We have the bag of makeup he-oops,” Thomas chuckled as he clumsily dropped the bag “We have the makeup here, and I am going to begin,” He explained, zipping open the bag.“I have no clue what any of this does,” He muttered to himself, earning a laugh from you.“Okay, let’s start with this,” He pulled out a tube of lipstick, instantly, you wanted to shake your head and scream, foundation goes first!

As he returns to our screens in the latest Maze Runner film, he tells Rosamund Urwin about avoiding the child-star trap, being part of the jilted generation and why he really, really wants to play the bad guy Thomas Brodie-Sangster plonks down his motorbike helmet and wraps his leather jacket around his chair.

The 25-year-old reminds me of a daddy longlegs: he seems about 80 per cent limbs, but with camera-friendly cheekbones and a naughty grin.


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