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''She's beautiful and I love her in every possible way.

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Is this a bad business, or do ugly people finally have a reason for living?Hell, even online, women don't need to be the best looking women to get 100's of messages a week into their inbox.Women with totally average faces and non-fat bodies get treated like Princesses.The reason why it works so well for beautiful, average and even slightly ugly/fat women is that men typically outnumber the women in online dating sites at a about 3/1 ratio.With an oversupply of men, they can have their pick of the litter.Indeed, any female posting a profile to an online dating site usually gets deluged with e-mails from interested men. With results like that, its not hard to see that his chances of actually getting a date are pretty slim.With so many e-mails and only a finite amount of time to answer them, naturally they will screen in only the best-looking and richest men. A number of years ago, German researchers found that people have to date a minimum of thirteen people before they find a suitable long-term partner.They have also received a free honeymoon to Borth in Wales, courtesy of The Ugly Bug Ball.A spokesman for the site said: ''This is our first engagement, and we are obviously delighted for them both.Online dating is great for women and it sucks for guys.It seems to be a perfect fit for our consumerist society, where only the best-looking or richest men get taken off the shelf.


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