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Household survey data showed reductions in numbers reporting casual partners from the late 1990s and high condom use in non-regular partnerships between 19.

We assessed the contributions of rising mortality, falling HIV incidence and sexual behaviour change to the decline in HIV prevalence.GIRLS as young as 11 years are engaging in prostitution along the country’s transport corridors after dropping from school, the Zimbabwe National Council for the Welfare of Children has said.The ZNCWC made the revelations yesterday while launching a report on Young Women in Commercial Sexual Exploitation along two transport corridors in Zimbabwe.However, some girls drop out of school not out of failure to pay fees.“A disturbing 14,6 percent of girls are dropping out of school not because of lack of funds but because they are not interested in school and join the sex business as they see it as an entrepreneurial opportunity,” said Ms Mwashita.We were all happy as a family; the future looked bright.My wife got her first job as a pharmacist in Australia and her starting salary was AU an hour and, hypothetically speaking, it was her turn to support me as I went through my studies in radiology. The first eight months when she started working as a pharmacist everything went well until I discovered a series of emails showing she had been romantically involved with a white Australian male physician for over two years and it was evident they had had sex on several occasions.WHEN I landed in Perth, Australia back in 2000 with my wife and two young children from Harare, we were so happy to start a new life in a new country.My wife and I were both graduates from the University of Zimbabwe but realized that for us to be successful we needed to go back to school and earn Australian qualifications.In 2013, when a magistrate sentenced a man who had sex with a 14-year-old girl to an effective 12 months in jail, a judge rebuked her on appeal, saying it was “an extremely harsh sentence that she imposed without any plausible justification as it would have the effect of further prejudicing the accused person.”Now campaigners want law reforms currently underway to align legislation with the new constitution to reaffirm 16 as the age of consent and give judges more powers to issue deterrent sentences.“It’s terrible,” MDC lawmaker Priscilla Misihairabwi-Mushonga [Umzingwane] said yesterday as she surveyed the current sentencing guidelines on sexual offences against children.She added: “Look at stocktheft, it has a mandatory sentence for each cow or beast stolen, but for a young girl or woman who has had her future violated through rape, there’s no such thing. It simply shows that cattle are more valorised than our children.


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