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Self esteem and dating for teens

Confidence is the belief that you’ll be successful in a particular situation or at a specific task.

Your confidence is related to your self-esteem, which is feeling good about yourself and feeling that you’re a worthwhile person.

For example, a child or teen with high self-esteem will be able to: Parents, more than anyone else can promote their child’s self-esteem. If fact, most parents do it without even realizing that their words and actions have great impact on how their child or teenager feels about himself. When you feel good about your child, mention it to him or her.

Parents are often quick to express negative feelings to children but somehow don’t get around to describing positive feelings.

When teenagers have confidence and resilience, they’re better able to tackle difficult situations and bounce back from tough times.

Practice giving your child words of encouragement throughout each day. Use what is called descriptive praise to let your child know when they are doing something well.

Adults who read this will wish they had this book when they were teenagers.

Written by an experienced educator, therapist, counselor who has worked with kids for a good deal of time, this book, with teenage readers in mind, is written with depth and at the same time with much practicality and clarity.

But having high self-esteem doesn’t mean you always feel confident.

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from difficult experiences and cope in hard or stressful situations. If your child has resilience and learns that she can cope when life is difficult, it will leave her feeling more confident to tackle difficult situations. Confidence helps teenagers make safe, informed decisions.


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