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Error updating the password file android samba fileshare Xxxlive veb camsex mobi

I tried the solutions mentioned above and in the linked thread. What did work was disabling password protected sharing.This works on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 I have a laptop with non updated Windows 10 - sharing is no problem with passwords My computer updated to latest Windows 10 version is showing in ES File Explorer. Turned off pasword-protectd sharing This temporarily alllowed access to public folders but not access other folders that are displayed!!Please provide me the IP address of your client machine and IP address of the destination device in your email.

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n Windows 10, especially after upgrading to Windows 10 build 9926 released on January 2015 or later, you may encounter the following error when attempting to access remote shared folders or network locations on a file server or NAS through CIFS, SMB or Samba protocol.When connecting to workgroup shares on an Android OS or i OS device, the OS can block you from doing so, to protect the OS and device. The version of Samba that Microsoft uses, is a very crippled version and has had issues recently since the last update.Download ES File Explorer from the Google Play store and use that to access your shares. Arris NVG589 Gateway; Router - Cisco RV320; Switch - Netgear GS105 5-Port Switch; Access Points - Engenius EAP1750H (POE); Printer - Brother HL-2280DW; Air Print Server - Lantronix XPrint Server; Network UPS - APC BN1250G, Output Capacity: 1250VA / 74; NVIDIA Shield TV for Media viewing on tv. When you connect to your named PC in the Lan tab of that app, and the password dialogue comes up, if you look at the top, it actually says smb://here which is why I assumed the app used samba.I think it would be a setting on my modem, but GOOGLE can not help me find out :(.Please tell me what to do to get my android connect to PC and read/write file again. My Android are connect to internet through the same modem with PC. When I add a new server from ES File Explorer, it says "Error, Can not find the server" Update : I did turn-off the Windows firewall.While the server may be fine not distinguishing among clients for files (and, you can imagine in the home scenario that it doesn’t matter to you which of your family members is looking at the shared folder of pictures from your last vacation), this can actually put you at risk elsewhere.Without an account and password, the client doesn’t end up with a secure connection to the server.Set up your account password in your PC then use that to connect. I recently changed the password of my Microsoft Account (which I used to log in to my PC) so I was trying to use my new password in ES Explorer.However, the password that worked was my So, the only way I got this working was to turn off password protected sharing.This app requires your device to already have: * root access.* Superuser or later, from Android Market (may work with other Android 'su' implementations but I havent tested with many others).


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