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It explores the mid-twentieth century origins of computer dating and matchmaking in order to argue for the importance of using sexuality as a lens of analysis in the history of computing.Doing so makes more visible the heteronormativity that silently structures much of our technological infrastructure and helps bring other questions about gender, race, and class into the foreground.The British East India Company also called it with the same name when they established the first Canadian Baptist Mission.After Independence, it finally got the name Kakinada.

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Another theory says that it is Kakulavada, an abode of crows – for catching fish on the shore., which abuts the city in the southwest.

A brancht of the Godavari River, the Gouthami, flows into the Bay of Bengal at this point.

Kakinada has a tropical savanna climate with hot, humid weather most of the year.

The article connects this history to other examples in the history of technology that show how technological systems touted as “revolutionary” often help entrenched structural biases proliferate rather than breaking them down.

The article also upsets the notion that computer dating systems can simply be understood as a version of the “boys and their toys” narrative that has dominated much of computing history.


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