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Criss angel dating now 2016 Adult dating site ignacio cervantes

Just last week, we saw the star serenading the illusionist and his family.

Clearly, this isn't just a fling between the 27-year-old pop star and 49-year-old Angel.

Criss Angel is one of the most famous illusionists to have walked the planet.

For over a decade this sensational performer has been mesmerizing fans all around the world with his most stunning acts.

He is a trendsetter in many regards who has constantly challenged himself and pushed the envelope further than ever before.

Grab your Criss Angel tickets now and witness him live.

known by the stage name Criss Angel, is an American magician and illusionist.

He gave Belinda a kiss and proceeded to ask her to sing just one more song and said, "Do one more!

After Criss Angel was done with high school he decided to take up being a magician as his career option.

Needless to say, that decision didn’t go down too well with his parents but he stuck to his guns and went on a road trip with other performers.

Whatever you want."In the middle of her impromptu performance, Belinda made her way to Angel's mother, Dimitra Sarantakos.

That's when the two held hands and the star sang the remainder of the song to her.


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