Clay aiken dating

It's still pretty rude, though, because Spacey has never publicly come out of the closet.Whether or not it's "obvious," it's still his private life and his own business.

Join Mingle2's fun online community of Aiken senior singles! Whatever he chooses to disclose with the public is his choice.This wasn't necessarily a well kept secret in the first place, but it was still a secret and Kevin Spacey's wishes should have been honored.Reading comprehension isn't your strong point, is it, R14?I didn't say he isn't closeted, I said he doesn't beard.Since they live in the public eye, not everyone is comfortable letting that information out. Subforum: SYTYCD International, SYTYCD Past Seasons, SYTYCD Past Contestants Fan Threads, SYTYCD Lists and Games Discussion forums for the past contestants of various shows.In his new book, Andy Cohen apparently outs Kevin Spacey as gay.I doubt anyone read this and had a life changing moment.In an interview with People Magazine he announced that 'he is a gay dad' after the birth of his son in August 2008.Recently in The Howard Stern Show, Clay confessed that "he turns to Facebook to meet men because he doesn’t leave his house.” Apparently the ' Facebook search' seems to have helped Clay in finding his other half.


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