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Attractive guy dating advice meme

“Just be yourself” “Be nice” “Wine her, dine her, buy her flowers and she’ll fall for you” “Agree with a woman and she’ll like you more” These are all examples of dating advice I received.I’m sure you’ve received a lot of similar advice, a lot of it equally bland, inoffensive, and, quite frankly, wrong.

Netflix and Chill In 2015, we coined a new term for hooking up: Netflix and chill. It’s pretty funny even though I can’t describe it well. Chrissy Teigen’s Cry Face Move over, Kim Kardashian cry face – Chrissy Teigen’s cry face won 2015. The Patriots were accused of deflating a ball to win a game, and it turned into…

To be honest with you guys, I couldn’t even give you the exact definition of a meme. I don’t know who started this, but I know I love that person.

If someone asked me to describe what it was, I would say it’s a funny photo, person, thing, etc. You Okay, so, I was on vacation when Pizza Rat happened, so I’m not exactly clear on what went on. Left Shark immediately became our favorite awkward meme. When a Vine was created of a guy singing, “Why you always lying?

I love how social media can bring people together, even it’s just for 30 seconds of laughing.

This is exactly why memes are one of my favorite Internet things EVER.


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