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Astrology originated in Mesopotamia around 3000 years ago.

The ancient Babylonians performed methodical observations of the night sky and built great observatories where priests would study the skies, and the celestial bodies that they believed controlled life and events on Earth.

When preparing a proposal for a potential sponsor, if a portion of a faculty or staff member’s University Effort is intended to be charged or cost-shared, the Principal Investigator (“PI”) must include that portion of University Effort as Anticipated Committed Effort for the Sponsored Project.

If the sponsor chooses to make an award, Committed Effort is the level of University Effort actually incorporated into the terms and conditions governing the Sponsored Project.

This is how much the valve is "lifted" off its seat at the cam lobe’s highest point.

Valve Lift is the amount (usually in inches) that the valve is lifted off of its seat.

valve lift = lobe lift x rocker ratio The intake and exhaust valves need to open to let air/fuel in and exhaust out of the cylinders.

Generally, opening the valves quicker and further will increase engine output.

(after all, being an astronomer I am always asked about other people's horoscopes! It is not my intention to discuss in depth the validity of astrology or its predictions, however I give my personal opinion as an astronomer, if you're interested.The zodiac and astrology are common concepts among many countries in the Western civilization.Surveys show that around 90% of the population know their zodiac sign, and almost half read their horoscopes regularly.Furthermore - giraffes do not develop large udders like cattle etc, so to see this much development truly suggests calving in the near future. Remember, the Giraffe Cam was not set-up to capture an immediate birth - it was set-up to capture a process.Mind you, we did expect a calf sooner than this - but that is all part of the journey!The today's products are configurable as desired by the customer. There's only one more real drastic change we'll see in April -- and that's active labor, according to her keepers.In this page, I try to give a scientific explanation to these questions and on the way, let you discover your real zodiac sign.I start by introducing some astronomical concepts which I hope will give you some insight about the geometry and the physics of the rotation of the Earth around the Sun and the apparent movement of the objects on the sky.Astrology columns help to sell millions of newspapers and magazines; and are a popular topic in television and radio programs.Although only a small percentage actually admit to take horoscopes seriously, the vast majority of the people do not know the astronomical concepts behind their birth sign.


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